Gardner and all about him

Picturesque ceramics Gardner on the Eastern market

Purpose of this web site allocate ceramics Gardner, and other фарфорозаводчиков produced on the Eastern market, as a separate line of development of Russian porcelain and prove that this ceramic because of its unusual brightness and originality deserves special attention.

The story of Francis Gardner in Russia is interesting, instructive and fun. Even his Wikipedia in Google reads like an adventure story. Repeat it'll not only the ladies appropriate footnoteГарднер,_Франц_Яковлевич.

Of course this article in Google need supplements. There are a lot of white spots. There are no facts.

Nevyansky plant. Ural.

Absence of facts always develops imagination. Most sources call it an Englishman, Gardner was of Scottish origin, with his usual this people prone to adventurism and manifestation.